About Us


Can Building Development Inc. is a Vancouver based company specializing in building material supply, home building and post-building home services. Can Building Development and Nakatsus’ Brothers Contracting (www.solidsquarefoothomes.com) and EBS Tech Services (www.ebuysave.com) provide full ranges of home building and services. 

Can Building Development Inc., a building material supplier, has built a reliable supply chain for building materials from all over the world to supply local customers with the materials that meet the quality and regulation standards while maintaining the most competitive prices.  Can Building Development Inc.  holds exclusive distribution rights for several Asian manufacturers and suppliers and has been diligently ensuring that these products comply with applicable codes and industry standards of North America.  

Nakatsus' Brothers Contracting is a licensed professional builder in residential home building and renovations.  It has been serving the Great Vancouver for more than 20 years with track record of completing projects on time and within budget.

In addition to the building material supply and home building, Can Building Development has expanded its businesses to the following area: Assessment and feasible study of the potential properties investment,

 construction dump disposal, fence rental, as well as some post-building professional services such as landscaping, interior design, and home cleaning.