IT Business Analyst

Information Systems Business Analyst in Electrical Project

Information System Analyst Job Purpose:

l  Gathering information and analyzing requirements from electrical engineer;

l  Designing and maintaining electrical project management system;

l  Analyzing and evaluating the balance between electrical project and purchase department from electrical project database.

 Key Responsibilities of Information System Analyst Job:

l  Defining project milestones, phase, material, and manpower resources by analyzing engineering drawings from electrical engineer;

l  Designing workflow diagrams; establishing electrical project budget; filing electrical project progress reports and budget reports to warehouse;

l  Monitoring and tracking electrical project progress, activity, and material quality; resolving problems and updating electrical project procedures;

l  Designing and building electrical project database case by case;

l  Analyzing and evaluating the balance of electrical project in benefit;

l  Fire alarm furnishing and installation, monitoring and checking electrical code accordingly.

l  Maintaining and updating electrical project system;

l  Summarizing contribution of electrical project team member by analyzing electrical project procedures and progress tracking report.


l  Solid knowledge of C, C#, Database, HTML, MySQL, SQL Server, and Unix/Linux;

l  Programming and designing skills;

l  Resource/capacity planning;

l  3+ years experiences in software project development.;

l    Bachelor of Computer Science.

We would like to offer $24 per hour. This is a full time job;

Welcome to apply by Fax 604-593-6919

Closing Date: until fill in the position